Programme for Sunday 17th February

Bar/seating area

Mr Bungle’s Puppet Co will be presenting a BRAND NEW puppet show, King of the Veg Patch

Creative, Educational, Stimulating and “A fun way to learn” about healthy eating

Times to be confirmed

 Magic Moments Room

Cooking demos throughout the day

Times and details to be confirmed

Room 1

11:00 How to Wear your Ethics

Over 100 million people in the world work for the fashion industry. In an era where fast fashion has taken over our high streets, it’s become difficult to know the conditions our clothes are made in and their impact, from sweatshops and child labour, to pollution, global warming and cruel exploitation of animals. Find out how to check where your clothes are made, what materials they’re made from and how sustainable and ethical they really are.

12:00 Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd UK is a registered marine conservation charity whose mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife around the UK’s coastline and across the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species

13:00 Fighting Cancer with a Raw Vegan Diet

“In April 2012 Syd was diagnosed with inoperable stage 4 mouth cancer and given a prognosis of just 6 months. He was alone with 2 young children aged 14 and 4. He turned raw vegan and fought for his life and eventually got the all-clear-July 27th, 2018.” – Syd Barnes

14:00 Alex Lockwood

Going Vegan, Staying Vegan – What the science and research says about how to stick with vegan lifestyles


Room 2

11:00 Animals Asia

More details to follow

11:45 To The Moon and Back (55 mins)

Across China and Vietnam over 11,000 Asiatic black bears – better known as moon bears – are trapped in tiny coffin-like cages, suffering regular bile extractions for use in traditional medicine, cosmetics and wine. Deprived of all but the most basic necessities to keep them alive, the bears are forced to endure unimaginable pain and torment for up to 30 years.

13:30 North East Animal Save

Bearing Witness for Animals – Find out about The Save Movement, discover their incredible growth around the world and more about their ambitions to normalise veganism and achieve animal liberation.

15:00 Anonymous For The Voiceless

Come and find out how to join the rapidly growing animals rights organisation – using direct action with an abolitionist stance on animal exploitation